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“Do You Know”  


Do you know that…

The hiring process for our next Superintendent is starting up now. 

Why this is important: Families of Color must be involved in all district systems, policies and processes that impact our students. We must have a new Superintendent that centers and partners in decision-making with Students, Caregivers and Educators of Color. To make sure this happens, the School Committee must commit to ensuring Students, Caregivers and Educators of Color are involved in the entire hiring process for the next Superintendent from now until whenever it is completed.

What can you do?

Tell School Committee members (who are tasked with the hiring of the new superintendent) this must be an antiracist hiring process that must include Students, Families and Educators of Color.  

Do you know that…

The CPSD budget process for the 2021-2022 school year is happening now.

Why this is important: We, as Families of Color, must make sure that CPSD continues to invest in programs that are created for and by us, increase funding for greater equitable and accessible family engagement and allocates funding for power-sharing systems that dismantle racial equity barriers.  We are the experts of what our students’ needs are and the district must invest in and allocate money for the resources that we identify.

What can you do?

We must tell School Committee members and the district that they must fund programs that are created by us and for us. The next Community Budget Meeting is happening on Feb. 6th 10am - 12pm.

Do you know that…

In November 2021, there will be CPSD School Committee Member elections. 

Why this is important:  As Families of Color, we must have district leaders who understand that the needs of Black and Brown students, families and educators must be prioritized and given more weight in all decisions. We need School Committee members who work directly with us to understand that equity requires the centering of the academic success and wellbeing of Black and Brown students first. This is what a real commitment to equity and being an antiracist school district requires.

What can you do?

As School Committee candidates start to campaign for election, ask them direct questions about how they plan on unequivocally listening, acting on, and creating policies to support what Black and Brown families say they need.

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