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The Cambridge Families of Color Coalition (CFCC) is a collective of Families of Color working to nurture, empower, celebrate, and uplift each other and our students. Our work is rooted in racial, social, and economic equity. Our goal is to create and assist our community in becoming a place where Students and Families of color thrive academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and in spirit.

Our vision is for Caregivers and Students of Color to feel empowered to fully participate in decisions made about their education with an understanding of how to access and utilize the resources that are available to them. We imagine an anti-racist district where Caregivers and Students of Color know that their lives, successes, and excellence are valued above all else.

We are here to:

  • Advocate for CPS Families of Color and amplify their needs around the challenges of COVID-19

  • Provide support and center the needs of our Students of Color 

  • Serve as educational advocates for Families and Students of Color during school meetings throughout the district at all levels

  • Take direct action to ensure that our Students of Color thrive and are able to be their best selves in an anti-racist and racially-equitable public school system 

  • Create spaces for Families of Color to share their concerns and ideas to support their children's educational needs

  • Share information about navigating CPS systems for new and existing Families of Color

Families of Color + Students of Color = Building a Racially and Economically Equitable Public School District​

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