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CFCC Organizational Pillars

Building Strong Connections

We establish powerful bonds and alliances based on freedom, cooperative decision-making, and shared support, all aimed at enhancing resource accessibility for Families of Color and empowering our Youth. Our efforts revolve around fostering genuine conversations and cooperative efforts to form the basis of relationships, community, and confidence-building.

Building Sustainability

We construct pathways to liberation by fostering shared learning, connectivity, transparency, financial sustainability, and growth. We enable Families of Color in Cambridge to advance our collective efforts toward liberation.

Building Strong Families of Color

Our focus lies in constructing a support system that caters to Students and Families of Color. Through the lenses of celebration, joy, and healing, we magnify our voices and pay homage to our vast knowledge and expertise. This is accomplished by fostering relationships, nurturing skill development, and providing mutual support.

Building Sustainability

Our efforts are focused on effecting transformation in how Cambridge public schools engage with, support, and involve Students and Families of Color in decision-making processes. Our work is deeply grounded in unapologetic anti-racism. Collaboratively, we strive for profound change, aiming to cultivate educational experiences within the city of Cambridge that are joyful, liberating, and characterized by racial equity.

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